Preorder The Pawn and The Puppet on Amazon Kindle!

Help me rank on Amazon’s bestseller list! The day has come! You are now able to preorder The Pawn and The Puppet on Amazon Kindle. Here are the answers to frequently asked questions! How can I order paperback/hardback? Paperback/hardback will be available in a couple of days on Barnes and Noble! What if I wantContinue reading “Preorder The Pawn and The Puppet on Amazon Kindle!”

Character Candles Announcement

Nobody f*cking panic! It’s happening! If you missed the announcement on Instagram, here it is! When I chose my beta readers for The Pawn and The Puppet, one of the incredible submissions was from the Reading Portal! For those of you that are new to following me, I have had an obsession with ACOTAR characterContinue reading “Character Candles Announcement”

Character Art Reveal!

What does Skylenna and Patient 13 look like? Atlantis Book Design brought them to life! I’ve never felt so blessed in my life! It’s an author’s dream to see these characters come to life before the book has even been published. So far, I’ve been able to smell my characters AND see them. And IContinue reading “Character Art Reveal!”

The Three Big Reveals For The Pawn and The Puppet

I got my cover art from my very talented designer, Stefanie from Seventh Star…and I went wild with it! I saw the email from Seventh Star at 12:46am and immediately ran to my mom’s room to open the email together. We were utterly starstruck and physically gasped in unison. When I initially found this artist,Continue reading “The Three Big Reveals For The Pawn and The Puppet”

Self-Publishing Announcement

And the ten beta readers chosen! I have officially announced on BookTok and Bookstagram that I have decided to self-publish my debut novel, The Pawn and The Puppet! *starts twerking and popping my bottle of Welch’s Sparkling grape juice* With that being said, I wanted to make sure my dark, twisted, and beguiling asylum romanceContinue reading “Self-Publishing Announcement”

The Pawn and The Puppet

The Emerald Lake Asylum is not a place most desire to go. Nineteen year old, Skylenna, however, made a promise that she must keep. Once hired, she only has one purpose—prove to the council that barbaric treatments, such as waterboarding, scalding baths, and beatings, are no longer the answer. But that all takes pause whenContinue reading “The Pawn and The Puppet”

2021 Update For Publishing My Debut Novel

First off, I want to start by saying how insanely grateful I am for the amount of love and support I’ve gotten for this book over BookTok and Instagram. You all have jumpstarted my lifelong dream of becoming a bestselling author and I haven’t even published it yet. For those who have been asking forContinue reading “2021 Update For Publishing My Debut Novel”