Character Art Reveal!

What does Skylenna and Patient 13 look like? Atlantis Book Design brought them to life!

I’ve never felt so blessed in my life! It’s an author’s dream to see these characters come to life before the book has even been published. So far, I’ve been able to smell my characters AND see them. And I have you all to thank for that. Without your support, I would have never had this opportunity from Atlantis Book Design to reach out to me and offer her time to make this gorgeous art.

In honor of this special moment, here are excerpts from each of the characters’ descriptions:

Patient 13:

He has a face that doesn’t seem to belong anywhere, like a gem in the rough from another world. Perhaps from another time, another era of gentlemen. 


Her hair is hanging down her shoulders in long, blonde waves. The sharp, poised face of a princess.

(The book is from the present tense POV of Skylenna, however, this description is about her identical twin. (wink wink)

Thank you for staying updated with The Pawn and The Puppet. I have more news coming soon!

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