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I’m the author of The Pawn and The Puppet available on Amazon and Barnes and Noble! Please check trigger warnings before proceeding.

“Like stepping into a war zone, the grunts of a grown man ripple down the hallway, ricocheting off the walls like a shock wave from a bomb. His howls are muffled, enclosed in the thirteenth room.”

The Pawn and The Puppet

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The Pawn and The Puppet series

Trigger Warnings:
gratuitous violence, depression, suicide, torture, domestic violence, eating disorders, hallucinations, misogyny, poisoning, sexual assault, rape, pedophilia, romanticized mental illness, gore, death of a loved one, child abuse, decapitation, female oppression, hostage situation, body shaming, panic attacks, emotional trauma, child sexual assault, child sex trafficking, Stockholm syndrome, religious trauma, body shaming, claustrophobia.

Disclaimer: This book contains explicit content and dark elements. Check trigger warnings before reading. It is not intended for anyone under 18 years of age. This is book one in a series.

This is a dark dystopian world that is intended to be problematic. Please note that this is a fictional world and in no way reflects on the author’s personal beliefs. We will see the society grow and correct its moral compass over the series.

“That room is never spoken of by any individual in this establishment. No one goes near that door. No one steps foot inside except members of the Council. You may venture anywhere in the asylum, work with any patient, open any door—except that one.”

The Pawn and The Puppet
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Hi, I’m Brandi! I have four rescue dogs, a mom who is my best friend and biggest supporter, and a passion for writing dark and emotional stories. The Pawn and The Puppet.

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