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Preorder The Pawn and The Puppet on Amazon Kindle!

Help me rank on Amazon’s bestseller list! The day has come! You are now able to preorder The Pawn and The Puppet on Amazon Kindle. Here are the answers to frequently asked questions! How can I order paperback/hardback? Paperback/hardback will be available in a couple of days on Barnes and Noble! What if I wantContinue reading “Preorder The Pawn and The Puppet on Amazon Kindle!”

The Three Big Reveals For The Pawn and The Puppet

I got my cover art from my very talented designer, Stefanie from Seventh Star…and I went wild with it! I saw the email from Seventh Star at 12:46am and immediately ran to my mom’s room to open the email together. We were utterly starstruck and physically gasped in unison. When I initially found this artist,Continue reading “The Three Big Reveals For The Pawn and The Puppet”


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Hi, book besties! I’m known for my theatrics and shenanigans on BookTok! I love making the perfect playlists for books I’m currently reading, creating funny/borderline inappropriate content about fantasy and spicy books, and fantasizing about moving into the fictional worlds I read about every day.

What most don’t know is that I have four dogs, am a social media specialist, and spend most of my free time binging new shows with my mom!

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