2021 Update For Publishing My Debut Novel

First off, I want to start by saying how insanely grateful I am for the amount of love and support I’ve gotten for this book over BookTok and Instagram. You all have jumpstarted my lifelong dream of becoming a bestselling author and I haven’t even published it yet.

For those who have been asking for updates, here it is:

After months of beta reading, developmental editing, grammatical editing, and fine-tuning every detail and change… I finally was ready to start the querying process to literary agents in hopes to get traditionally published. So far, I have sent out 31 query letters/proposals for representation. This search for the right agent is a long and exhausting process, but it will be extremely rewarding when my story is out for the world to dive into!

On the topic of self-publishing, I was against the idea at first. But now, I’ve met so many high successful indie authors that are making a killing. And with my first book teaser on TikTok going viral, I’ve decided that self-publishing is definitely worth looking into. With that being said, I have started researching and talking to the right authors about this publishing The Pawn and The Puppet myself, and I will come to a decision very soon.

Thank you for all of your kind words, and passionate urgency for me to unleash this story of forbidden love in the heart of a dark and twisted asylum.

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  1. Hi could you maybe please let me know when you get it published? I really want to read it sounds amazing 🤌

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